Hi 👋, I'm Matt.

As both a Founder and Investor, I'm passionate about changing the world 🌎 of money 💸.

I've recently founded Sidekick, a next gen investment manager which aims to democratise (subject to FCA approval) the wealth-building opportunities currently only available to High-Net-Worth Individuals by rethinking and restructuring products for a retail customer.

I'll be writing frequently on the Sidekick blog, so check it out. But if you want to read some of my previous pieces and wider thoughts on fintech, I've included them here.

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Payments' Five Forces- Featured Shot

Payments' Five Forces

We’re experiencing a transformational moment in payments. In a nod to Michael Porter’s “Five Forces” (and as an ex-consultant, who clearly can’t shake his past), I’ve broken this market disruption within payments into five opportunity areas.
A-L-L in on Alt Assets- Featured Shot

A-L-L in on Alt Assets

‘New’ alt assets are having their moment. We have more investors, interested in more types of assets, and we’re finally getting the technological revolution required to enable this.
Fifty shades of plaid (part 1)- Featured Shot

Fifty shades of plaid (part 1)

With regulatory tailwinds, technology advances, and growing consumer interest in being in control of one’s own data, there’s been an explosion of solutions that open up, connect and enrich previously disparate data sources.
Rejecting the gold rush of ‘pick and shovel’ analogies- Featured Shot

Rejecting the gold rush of ‘pick and shovel’ analogies

The category-leading finance ‘as-a-service’ providers reshaping the industry are so much more than a pick or a shovel. If infrastructure is the future of fintech, what do we believe makes a great infrastructure business…?
Banking-on-a-Headache- Featured Shot


Despite an explosion of interest in these new platforms, all too often the narrative is muddled. This is my attempt to unpick some of the complexity.
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